I became a marriage celebrant for a combination of reasons. Firstly, I am from a large family where my parents have recently celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary. Their commitment to their marriage and six children, through good times and bad, has instilled in me the importance of commitment, respect and love within a family unit. Next, I think societies reap the benefits of family life from the constancy it provides along with support and security. Lastly, marrying late in my life enabled me to bring a lot of life experience (both as a single person and as a married woman) to a couple and their ceremony. Our marriage celebrant had the same way of thinking and helped make the day unforgettable. As a civil celebrant I provide first rate customer service to my clients in the following ways:c10-facebook1 c10-instagram c10-twitter1

Complying with the Marriage Act 1961 and other laws;                                  Being pro-active with new suggestions;

Being reliable;                                                                                                         Giving the couple what they wish for;

Recognising the social, cultural and legal significance of marriage and the marriage ceremony in the Australian community.


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